Gong Yoo finally opens his Instagram account, a squid as his first post?

Actor Gong Yoo finally revealed his SNS account. 

On Dec 1st, Gong Yoo posted a photo of a squid on his Instagram account without any caption. A squid side-dish sitting on a plate can be seen in the photo. People are wondering why he chose to post a photo of a squid as his first post. As a result, many fans are already following his SNS and leaving messages of support.

Meanwhile, Gong Yoo recently appeared on Netflix’s “Squid Game”. He will also appear in Netflix’s original series “The Silent Sea,” which will be released on Dec 24th. “The Silent Sea” tells the story of near-future earth devastated by the depletion of essential resources and elite members who left for a research base abandoned on the moon after receiving a special mission.

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