Black comedy drama starring Wonder Girls’ So-hee put into spotlight again after Freezia’s fake good controversy

Recently, as the controversy over the use of fake clothes and accessories of a famous YouTuber has spread online, the contents of a drama that aired last year are becoming a hit topic.

Recently, an episode of tvN’s “Drama Stage 2021-Attention Seeker,” which aired last year, was uploaded on a number of online communities, including theqoo, drawing attention. Netizens shared the drama’s videos, saying, “I remembered this right after reading about the recent controversy,” and “I got goosebumps.”

The 5th episode of “Drama Stage 2021 – Attention Seeker,” which aired in March last year, was a black comedy that takes place when an influencer, who became famous for lying as if she were a rich spoon, was kidnapped by a murderer.

Actress Ahn So-hee plays Yoo Ha-na, a rich and famous influencer with a diplomat father and an international lawyer mother. 

In the drama, she shares her luxurious daily life by shopping for 20 million won worth of luxury goods and eating at luxury restaurants, making everyone envious.

However, she became the target of a Youtuber who tried to attack influencers and was even kidnapped. Being threatened by the kidnapper who was hired by the Youtuber, Yoo Ha-na confessed her identity and revealed that she was not a “golden spoon”.

Then, while struggling to get rid of being forced to film a confession video, Yoo Ha-na engaged in a fight and murdered the kidnapper. When Yoo Ha-na was about to return to her daily life, she was devastated by the video of the murder scene uploaded by the kidnapper before he died.

The drama became a hot topic as it is said to have mocked today’s society where everyone wants to get attention so well.

Although the video was released 10 months ago, the comment section under this video on Youtube is drawing keen attention with recent comments.

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