Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Min Ho Complete Filming for Upcoming Rom-Com Drama “Ask the Stars”

Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Min Ho have wrapped up filming for “Ask the Stars,” a romantic comedy set in outer space with stunning visual effects.

Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Min Ho have completed filming their new drama “Ask the Stars”. The drama’s production company announced on April 19th that they will move on to post-production. They praised the smooth filming process thanks to the chemistry between the two actors and expected that viewers will be sucked into their acting like a black hole.


“Ask the Stars” is a romantic comedy set in outer space. It is a reunion project for writer Seo Sook Hyang and director Park Shin Woo, who worked together on “Jealousy Incarnate.” The drama portrays the love story of a man and a woman who meet in weightlessness at a space station with the backdrop of outer space.

Lee Min Ho plays a space tourist who enters a space station, and Gong Hyo Jin plays Captain Eve Kim, a perfectionist space pilot who does not tolerate any mistakes. The two meet fatefully in the vast expanse of space and develop a special romance.

To realistically portray the space setting, the production team plans to focus on visual effects (VFX). They will attempt to create a zero-gravity environment inside the spaceship, a starry spectacle outside the space station, and the vast landscape of space. The production team is currently coordinating the release date and platform for the drama.

Source: Daum

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