Girls’ Generation Yoona’s “wedding dress” photo drew attention after being posted on SNS

Girls' Generation Yoona drew attention as she showed off her extraordinary wedding dress figure.

On July 7th, a photo was posted on MBC Drama’s official Instagram with the caption “Our beautiful YoongPhrodite“.

The released photo showed Yoona wearing a pure white wedding dress and boasting her superior visuals.

She caught the eye by exuding a unique innocent charm with her small face, clear features and bright smile.

In addition, her slender body gave off an elegant atmosphere, drawing admiration.

The reason why Yoona, who is not even married, wore a wedding dress is because of filming a drama. Yoona will appear in MBC’s new drama “Big Mouth“, which is scheduled to air on July 29th.

This series tells the story of an underperforming lawyer who gets caught up in a murder case. In order to survive and protect his family, he digs into a huge conspiracy among the privileged upper classes.

Lee Jong-suk plays Park Chang-ho, a third-rate lawyer with a 10% success rate and is called as “Big Mouth” by his legal acquaintances due to his tendency to speak before acting. His life is suddenly in danger when he is mistaken for a genius con man known as “Big Mouse”. Yoona takes on the role of Go Mi-ho, Park Chang-ho’s supportive wife who is a nurse and has bold personality as well as outstanding beauty.

The two attracted keen attention as their couple photos were released prior to the drama’s airing.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation, to which Yoona belongs, is expected to make a full-group comeback after 5 years.

Source: wikitree

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