“Demanding $700,” From Sung Yu-ri to Lee Young-ji, many stars are suffering as their SNS accounts are suspended or hacked

Many stars are helpless as someone keeps hacking into and forcefully suspending their SNS accounts.

Lee Dong-guk’s wife, Lee Soo-jin, said on her Instagram on August 29th, “What’s wrong with TikTok? What should I do?” with a photo attached.

In the released photo are the message “Access Denied” and the phrase that Jae-shi and Jae-ah’s TikTok account has been suspended. What’s even more shocking is the phrase that says “This account will be deleted on 12/11”.

In response, Lee Soo-jin said, “My account is suspended for unknown reasons. What should I do? If anyone knows, please help me,” she added.

Lee Dong-guk’s family continues to be active on SNS through various posts, especially model videos of Lee Dong-guk and Lee Soo-jin’s twin daughters, Jae-shi and Jae-ah.

Earlier, Sung Yu-ri also experienced a similar case. On June 4th, Sung Yu-ri asked for help, saying that her dog’s account was deactivated for unknown reasons.

sung yuri

She uploaded a screen capture that said “Inappropriate age to use our service.” In addition, the warning says, “If you do not confirm that you are 14 years old or older within 30 days, your account will be deactivated.”

Sung Yu-ri said, “I tried to ask for a requalification, but my babies don’t have an ID, and our Ming Ming Ddu Ddu Bbu Ying account has been blocked. What should I do? These are very, very precious photos,” she said, drawing regret.

sung yuri

While several celebrities are suffering from forced deactivation of their SNS accounts, others are facing damage from hackers.

On July 3rd, Lee Young-ji announced the damage to her TikTok account through her Instagram. Lee Young-ji said, “I logged in to change my password, but they changed my authentication code mail to someone else’s mail. What should I do?” she said, drawing attention.

In addition, Lee Young-ji uploaded the screep capture of her conversation with the hacker, saying, “What did I do wrong?” and “Give me back my account,” but the hacker demanded as much as $700. In response, Lee Young-ji was angry, saying, “They dare to demand something like $700.”

Lee youngji

Actor Lee Do-hyun’s SNS account was also recently hacked. On August 24th, all posts on Lee Do-hyun’s Instagram were deleted, and unknown photos such as pictures of a rat and Brazilian flags were posted one after another.

Along with Lee Do-hyun’s personal Instagram, his Twitter and his agency’s Twitter were also hacked. The hacker also left a message saying, “I hope you seek better advice after this incident.”

lee do hyun instagram hacked

In response, Yue Hua Entertainment, Lee Do-hyun’s agency, said on August 24th, “We detected hacking activities such as blocking the administrator’s access and deleting posts on actor Lee Do-hyun’s Instagram account in the morning today.”

Lee Do-hyun’s account is currently being restored.

lee do hyun instagram hacked

SNS has a big influence on stars’ profits, serving as a channel for advertising and sponsored items as well as a channel for their communication with fans. If their account is suspended or hacked, it will be a big blow to them. Public concern is growing over the continued damage related to hacked SNS accounts.

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