Getting new achievements with MV Wannabe, ITZY is considered the leading group of the 4th generation

Despite being released for a long time, the remarkable growth of this MV still helps ITZY get extremely impressive achievements.

A year ago, ITZY stirred Kpop with the exciting hit Wannabe, creating an explosive dance effect, becoming a trend on social networks.  Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when the MV of this song consecutively achieved impressive milestones in a short time.

After the first 3 days, the MV reached 30 million views, on the 5th day it reached 50 million and reached 80 million views in 3 weeks.  It only took 43 days for Wannabe to receive 100 million views.  After 6 months, it has reached 200 million, and more than a year ago since its release, Wannabe has had 300 million views.

300 million views is not only a new milestone for ITZY, making Wannabe the MV with the highest views of the group but also leading the 4th generation of Kpop.  This is the first and only MV from a Gen 4 group to hit this milestone, once again confirming the formidable position of ITZY.

Top 10 MV with the highest views of 4th generation Kpop groups

 1. ITZY – WANNABE (300 million)

 2. ITZY – Dalla Dalla (251 million)

 3. STRAY KIDS – God’s Menu (208 million)

 4. ITZY – ICY (205 million)

 5. EVERGLOW – DUN DUN (197 million)

 6. (G) I-DLE – LATATA (160 million)

 7. STRAY KIDS – Back Door (150 million)

 8. IZ * ONE – La Vie En Rose (147 million)

 9. ITZY – NOT SHY (145 million)

 10. (G) I-DLE – OH MY GOD (137 million)

In addition, 3 other ITZY songs are also ranked high in the Top 10 MV with the highest views of 4th generation Kpop groups.  


ITZY’s seniors – Stray Kids also have remarkable achievements as the only male group on that list.

Stray Kids

ITZY’s rival – EVERGLOW, although not from a big company, but the group’s catchy EDM hits are extremely popular with international audiences, helping the group achieve high rankings, only behind two JYP groups. 


(G)I-DLE and IZ * ONE are both groups that have debuted for a considerable time, building a solid reputation and fandom, so it’s quite surprising that their MVs have such unimpressive views like that. 

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