From Park Bom to Hong Soo Ah “Stars who are ruined because of plastic surgery”

The changed appearances of celebrities, which are completely different from the past, are attracting attention. Their looks have changed drastically because of plastic surgery, leading to fans’ disappointment.

2NE1 Park Bom posted several photos on her personal channel on August 14th, showcasing her altered appearance. Park Bom’s facial features in the photos were entirely different from her debut days. In particular, the sagging cheeks on top of the sharp jawline made netizens feel sorry for her. The unconventional eyeline added to the awkwardness.

park bom

Park Bom had already garnered attention for her cute and innocent appearance even before her debut. Especially during her trainee days, she appeared in a Samsung Electronics advertisement called “Anystar” alongside Lee Hyori and Lee Joon Gi, where her exceptional innocence stood out, making her a highly anticipated next-generation star.

However, after debuting with 2NE1 in 2009, she gradually attempted plastic surgery. Especially after her appearance at the 2015 Mnet MAMA held at the Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, her looks changed significantly. Recently, her face has changed to the point that it is difficult to recognize her debut-era appearance, leading to a sense of regret.

hong soo ah

Broadcaster Hong Soo Ah is also said to look more beautiful before undergoing plastic surgery. Making her debut as a magazine model in 2003, she earned the nickname “Hong Throw” for her cute face with unique features, outstanding athletic skills, and excellent pitch at a baseball event. However, Hong Soo Ah’s image has begun to change so much that many people cannot even recognize her since she started carrying out activities in China in the 2010s. Some commented that she reminds them of Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. Appearing on the August 14th broadcast of SBS’s program “Dolsing Fourmen”, the actress drew attention as she confidently confessed, “I really did everything”.

Hong Soo Ah recently made headlines when she revealed the fact that she had plastic surgery on her nose through SBS’s “Running Man” and “Kick A Goal”. In a recent episode of “Kick A Goal”, she got hit in the face by a flying ball. After making a goal, she grabbed her injured nose and jokingly said, “This is really my last nose. I can’t do this”, drawing laughter.

Lee Se-young

In addition, Hong Soo Ah also posted on her SNS account a photo of her trying to protect her nose while doing a free kick and left a witty comment, saying “The thrilling story of my last nose almost dropping”.

Broadcaster Lee Se Young also showed a 180-degree different image after having plastic surgery. On her personal channel, Lee Se Young shared, “If the chance to get surgery once in your life comes and you have money, isn’t it a good idea to give it a try?”. The female broadcaster also aroused keen interest as she revealed the surgery process on her Youtube channel last year.

Source: Daum

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