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Kim Jong Kook gets his first experience with camping in the upcoming episode of “Running Man” 

The process is filled with obstacles, promising a range of entertainment for the viewers.  

SBS’s “Running Man” recently released a glimpse into the next episode of the program which will be broadcast on March 26th. The upcoming episode depicts the members going out for camping in the spring.

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In the teaser, the crew starts out with a feeling of excitement from the scenery at the camping spot. However, it is soon over as the crew is faced with a pile of unassembled camping equipment. In response, Kim Jong Kook embarrassingly admits, “This is my first time ever pitching a tent.”

The members begin building their tents led by “experienced camper” Yang Se Chan. However, as the group struggles through the process, words of dissatisfaction come out. However, the team maintains a positive mindset, stating, “Let’s not fight” and “Let’s not get annoyed.” However, they do not seem to be able to hold back their anger. Viewers are excited to see how the process will turn out. 

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Then, while setting up the tent, a pole seems to break, and a strong wind rushes through. In response, Kim Jong Kook says, “If the wind blows, (the tent) will be pulled out,” expressing the fear of having to redo. 

In the final moments, Kim Jong Kook announces that he gives up, saying, “Let’s quit and look for a pension.” Other members also confess, “I don’t think we’ll do it again.” The episode will be aired on March 26th at 6:20 p.m. (KST). 

Source: Daum 

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