On “Running Man,” Song Ji Hyo shares her opinion on marriage and ideal type partner

“I don’t want marriage to become the only purpose of my relationship…” – Actress Song Ji Hyo shared. 

Song Ji Hyo discussed her opinions on marriage and the characteristics she looks for in her ideal sort of mate in the most recent episode of Running Man.

Song Ji Hyo was shown on a pretend blind date with fellow Running Man members Sung Si Kyung and Lee Yong Jin in the episode. She then stated that she dislikes being set up with males. According to actress Jeon So Min, Song Ji Hyo loves “meeting people at her own pace”.

I don’t like the awkward air that happens at blind dates. As soon as I sit down, I start wanting to go home”. – the actress said

There conversation is as follows:

Song Ji Hyo: It’s common for people my age to think about marriage. We have had our shares of relationships. We also have friends who are settling down. So…

Lee Yong Jin: So you’re not looking to date for a long time then? Would you like to tie the knot quickly if you find the right person?

Song Ji Hyo: But I don’t want marriage to become the only purpose of my relationship.

Song Ji Hyo explained that while she isn’t actively wanting to date or marry, she does have some expectations. She has a single attribute in mind when it comes to defining “the right guy”: the ability to apologize. With that stated, Jeon So Min acknowledged that understanding when and how to apologize is a critical component of a successful relationship.

I hope that my future partner knows and understands how to feel sorry [when needed]” – she stated

Following the broadcast, the actress’ fans and supporters have expressed their support for her. They wish for her to find someone special and be happy in a relationship that suits her.

Ji Hyo has previously spoken about having her heart wounded by a cheating ex-boyfriend on other TV shows such as Knowing Bros.

Source: KB

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