From BTS V to Park Seo Joon “Stars suffering from rude overzealous fans”

Korean celebrities like actor Park Seo Joon, DJ Soda and BTS V are facing disturbing incidents involving fans’ unexpected physical contact, causing outrage among fans.

BTS V visited Tokyo, Japan on August 22nd as part of his ambassador activities for a luxury brand. His appearance drew a crowd of passionate fans who gathered in front of the luxury brand store to catch a glimpse of him. Fans warmly welcomed V with cheers, and he reciprocated with warm greetings and handshakes.

bts v

However, while V was leaving the store after the event, an overzealous fan reached out and grabbed his hair, creating a shocking and uncomfortable situation. The incident was captured on video by fans present at the scene, leading to widespread anger among fans who were concerned about potential harm.

dj soda

Recently, DJ Soda also revealed that she experienced a case of harassment during a performance in Japan. She shared through her SNS that while she was interacting with fans during a music festival in Osaka, multiple fans suddenly touched her inappropriately, leaving her shaken.

In a similar vein, Park Seo Joon encountered an incident during a movie event in Busan where a fan rushed onto the stage and hugged him unexpectedly. Despite swift intervention by security personnel, Park Seo Joon was visibly surprised and unsettled by the incident.

park seo joon

These instances of fans’ inappropriate behavior, including incidents involving GOT7 Jackson and IVE Jang Wonyoung, have sparked criticism and concern. Such actions, which disregard the celebrities’ boundaries, are seen as a crime rather than fans’ affection. Incidents caused by rude fans have led to backlash from fans and the public.

Source: Daum

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