Current whereabouts of “Little Psy” Hwang Min Woo from globally famous “Gangnam Style” MV

The current whereabouts of Hwang Min Woo, who took the world by storm as “Little Psy”, have been revealed.

In 2012, Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” shook the world.

Hwang Min Woo, who appeared in the MV for Psy’s mega-hit “Gangnam Style” at the time, was nicknamed “Little Psy” and made his name widely known.

hwang min woo

Hwang Min Woo officially debuted in the music industry with the release of his last single album “Show + Time” in 2013. However, he has not released an album since 2017 and has rarely appeared on TV.

After disappearing from the public for a while, Hwang Min Woo surprised many by revealing his transformation into a trot singer.

Hwang Min Woo is appearing with his younger brother Hwang Min Ho in TV Chosun’s “Mister Trot 2 – The Beginning of a New Legend’ (Mister Trot 2), which first aired on December 22 last year. He shows off his overflowing talent at not only singing but also dancing.

After Hwang Min Woo’s stage was over, Jang Yoon Jung commented that although his singing skills were slightly lacking, he seemed to have chosen songs well that could show his strengths.

hwang min woo

On this day, Hwang Min Woo received 14 hearts, an almost perfect score.

Hwang Min Ho, who was watching his brother’s performance in the waiting room, started crying because only receiving all 15 hearts was required to advance to the finals.

hwang min woo

Singer Lee Hong Ki, who did not press his heart after watching Hwang Min Woo’s stage, gave him advice as a senior in the music industry, saying that he would like him to show off a freshness appropriate to his age.

After that, Hwang Min Woo received an additional opportunity to pass and advanced to the finals.

hwang min woo

On the other hand, Hwang Min Ho, who appeared in “Mister Trot 2” like Hwang Min Woo, showed off his tremendous singing skills and received all hearts, allowing the duo of brothers to advance to the finals side by side.

Source: Insight.

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