The “blinding” glamour of the stellar lineup: Taeyeon boasted an unrivaled slender figure, footballer Cho Gue Sung dominated the event 

The Louis Vuitton event gathered the various, famous faces of K-biz. 

The year-end and new-year periods are usually the busiest when the world of showbiz becomes the most vibrant. On January 6th, a stellar lineup, including Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation), Mino (WINNER), Bae Doo Na, Irene Kim and footballer Cho Gue Sung, drew attention at the most grand Louis Vuitton event in Seoul. 

Taeyeon quickly captured the spotlight with her top-notch visual and slender waist, boasting a stunningly youthful image while well into her mid-30s. Mino, on the other hand, radiated stylishness, living up to his reputation in the fashion world. In addition, footballer Cho Gue Sung was no less attention-grabbing with his attractive looks. 

Taeyeon completely stole the spotlight thanks to her stunning visual and radiating smile 
The “INVU” singer showed off her enviable waist in a high-waist pants and poka-dot cropped top 
Her light complexion and sharp, harmonious features kept eyes on her 
Mino showed off style in a simple outfit, proving to be a “style icon” of K-pop 
Mino stood out at events with a distinct aura 
After his wonderful performance at the 2022 World Cup, Cho Gue Sung became a sought-after face in showbiz 
Cho Gue Sung flaunted a heartthrob-level of handsomeness and charisma 
bae doona
Bae Doo Na appeared with class and distinct personality 
bae doona
Her captivating aura had no match 
Irene Kim appeared in a powerful pose with a touch of mystery 
However, netizens showed mixed reaction to her makeup style 
Bae Yoon Young turned the event into a runway with her confident strut and a pair of long legs 
Shin Hyun Ji boasted a sharp and alluring attraction 
“All Of Us Are Dead” actress Park Ji Hoo expressed her sweetness and natural glow at 20 
Hyungwon (MONSTA X) caught attention with his handsome face and unique sense of style 
Supermodel Anna gave shape to the one-of-the-kind dress, thanks to her top-notch figure 

Source: Dispatch, Xports News

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