Lee Da Hae once avoided Se7en due to his adult scandal, even refused to meet him 

According to Lee Da Hae, she initially had a bad impression about Se7en, to the point of trying her best to avoid him. 

Recently, Lee Da Hae and Se7en announced their marriage after years of dating, and their wedding ceremony will be held on May 6th this year. In 2016, when they first went public with their romance, however, the couple faced a lot of criticism due to past scandals. It took a long time, but the two stars gradually won over the public’s heart with their sincere love story.


In the eyes of many fans, Lee Da Hae and Se7en were born to be together. Many still believe that the two stars had a good impression of each other from the very first meeting. However, few people know that Lee Da Hae once wanted to keep her distance from Se7en. In fact, she even refused to meet the handsome singer because he was involved in a scandal of secretly visiting a 19+ massage parlor while in the military.

Back in 2017, Lee Da Hae appeared on the tvN program “Life Bar” and revealed that she and Se7en were not close despite having some mutual friends. At the time, the actress didn’t want to get too close to Se7en because she had a bad impression about him after the shocking scandal.

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According to Lee Da Hae, her friend once invited her to go drinking with Se7en, but she turned down the offer because she didn’t want to meet the famous singer. At the time, the actress was aware of Se7en’s scandal and secretly thought to herself, “Se7en? Drinking with this person? Why should I go?”.

However, Lee Da Hae and Se7en’s relationship experienced a drastic change after they attended a gathering with friends. At the time, Se7en suddenly called Da Hae and asked to drive her to the location since her place was conveniently on his way. While Lee Da Hae didn’t want that initially, Se7en still ended up picking her up. 


When the two stars arrived, the other friends hadn’t appeared yet. In the room, there were only Lee Da Hae and Se7en, and the atmosphere was awkward as they were not close. 

Recalling that day, Lee Da Hae shared, “Seeing Se7en’s shy and awkward appearance made me realize ‘this guy is actually quite innocent’. The longer we talked, the more I discovered bright aspects of his personality. I realized that Se7en was very different from what I had imagined.”

Since Lee Da Hae managed to change her opinion about Se7en, she started to talk more with him, and the couple began dating in 2015. A year later, the couple publicly announced their relationship to the public.

Source: Edaily

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