Bathroom footage of BABYMONSTER draws controversial opinions

Viewers are expressing their anger over the bathroom scene in BABYMONSTER’s new vlog series. 

On March 23rd, Korean media outlets reported that the production team for BABYMONSTER’s “‘Last Evaluation’ Behind The Scenes” series is under fire for a bathroom scene. Specifically, in the aforementioned scene, members Asa and Ruka can be seen washing their plushies in the bathtub while dressing appropriately. However, several viewers claimed that the production team is using the images of young girls in the bathroom to “get more views”. 

Another group of audience also emphasized that Asa was still a minor because she was born in 2006; hence, the bathroom scene was not at all appropriate. Some angles of the cameras also indicated that they were mounted on the wall and were pointed at the shower and the tub, and fans were concerned that the girls were constantly filmed, even in the bathroom, with these cameras.

Asa was still a minor the moment the footage was taken  
The angle indicated the camera was mounted on the bathroom wall

Source: K14

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