Kim Gun Woo’s playful response to Lim Ji Yeon’s revelation, “Why is she doing this to me?”

“The Glory” Kim Gun Woo recently mentioned his fellow co-star Lim Ji Yeon in an interview with WikiTree. 

Kim Gun Woo and Lim Ji Yeon worked together on Netflix’s hit series “The Glory,” where they played school violence perpetrators.

During the interview, Kim Gun Woo, who recently surpassed 160,000 followers on his Instagram account, shared his thoughts on the social media platform and how it has helped him connect with fans. 


Kim Gun Woo said that he joined Instagram not because of “The Glory” but rather because he wanted to communicate with fans who were interested in his work and characters.

However, the topic shifted when Lim Ji Yeon’s name was brought up in the conversation. She previously revealed in an interview that she teased Kim Gun Woo when he first created his Instagram account, saying that he was preparing to become a star. Kim Gun Woo jokingly responded, “Why is she doing this to me?” 


Kim Gun Woo explained, “I’ve wanted to do Instagram for a while. In fact, I don’t have a solid fan base, but I wanted to communicate with them. After the drama, there are many people who are curious about the story or the characters, so I wanted to set up a channel for communication. There was no big picture.

Despite their playful exchange, it is clear that Kim Gun Woo and Lim Ji Yeon have a good working relationship. 

Source: Wikitree

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