iKON Bobby said YG is big and 143 is cozy, has made about 30 songs

iKON Bobby revealed the difference between his former agency YG Entertainment and his current agency 143 Entertainment.

On the March 23rd broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope”, Bobby, who returned with his first solo single “S.i.R”, appeared as a guest.

On this day, Bobby explained about his new solo album, “It started with Bobby and ended with Bobby.


He said, “YG is a big and great company, so all I had to do was make music and stand on stage. 143 is a cozy company, so I have to do a lot of things from start to finish. I don’t usually plan, but I tend to move in a planned way when working. I have to use my time well because I do what I want to do.

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Bobby plans to release 4 albums this year. He shared, “I’ve made about 30 songs. There’s a single now, but I’m going to release several mini albums with 4 songs each.

He also revealed a secret story about the title song “Drowning (Feat. SOLE)”, saying, “I was hooked on the word ‘drowning’. It’s a little deep since it means ‘falling into something’. I liked this word so much that I thought about how to solve it. I thought it would be fun to write lyrics referring to people, so I made a song.

The song attracted a lot of expectations with singer SOLE’s featuring. Regarding this collaboration, Bobby confessed, “I like SOLE’s voice, so I wanted to work with SOLE. I asked her once and she said yes, so I was very thankful.


Bobby also mentioned the song “Cherry Blossom” and said, “It’s a song that I put on hold for 4 years thinking ‘I’ll have to release it in spring’.

Meanwhile, Kim Shin Young asked Bobby, “Among the works you made, do you have anything to give to me?

Bobby suggested, “Is there a style you want? Do you want to do a featuring?” In response, Kim Shin Young accepted at once and said, “I featured in Supreme Team’s ‘I’m Tired’ before. I was the first in Korea to rap in a dialect.

Source: Daum

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