“Is this her no-makeup face?”… ‘Freezia’ Song Ji-ah reveals her face before and after makeup in the recent video

Youtuber Song Ji-ah (Freezia, 25 years old), who recently resumed activities after taking a hiatus for self-reflection on the fake product controversy, released a new makeup video.

On July 29th, Song Ji-ah uploaded a video titled “GRWM, Daily Amazing Makeup ft. TMI” on her Youtube channel. In the video preview, Song Ji-ah said, “The makeup style that I do the most these days… What do you think? How does it look? It’s been a while since I’ve greeted Pringies like this. I’m very happy. Next time, I’ll film a makeup video using a lot of colors.”

Song Ji-ah appeared in the video with light makeup. She said, “I like doing light makeup these days. Make my skin look glowy, emphasize the lip makeup with light eye makeup, and I’m going to be doing a clean makeup”. She then began applying makeup to her face. Song Ji-ah is famous for her wide knowledge and amazing skills in makeup. She drew favorable responses from fans by showing the way to do transparent and bright makeup in this video. 

Song Ji-ah, who is working on Youtube under the name Freezia, was earlier embroiled in a so-called “fake product controversy”. At that time, she apologized and spent reflecting on herself. Last month, after a hiatus of 4 months, she resumed her SNS activities and began to communicate with fans again. 

Source: naver

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