The latest update on the young actor who used to play the young version of handsome stars Kim Hyun-joong, Kang Dong-won, Lee Jong-seok

Let’s find out how Nam Da-reum, who acted as the young version of many handsome Korean actors, has been doing since he enlisted in the military.

Actor Nam Da-reum’s recent status has been reported. A video of Nam Da-reum after joining the military was revealed on Instagram Story of the account run by his mother.

The released video shows Nam Da-reum doing various poses while taking photos with other soldiers. His mother added the caption “Have a nice Chuseok holiday everyone. Nam Da-reum carefully reveals his activities”, giving an update on her son’s whereabouts.

Seeing his unchanging handsome visual, fans reacted, “He has become much cooler!”, “Is that soldier’s name Nam Da-reum?”, etc.

Born in 2022, Nam Da-reum enlisted in the military in February this year at the age of 21. On February 1st, he made a post on his fancafe, saying “I’m going to enlist next week, on February 8th, 2022”, adding “I’m delivering this news here because I want to inform Unique (Nam Da-reum’s fanclub name) of it first.”

Nam Da-reum enlisted at the age of 21, which is relatively younger than other celebrities. 

In this regard, the actor carefully explained, “Since I was young, my goal has always been enlisting in the military early”, adding “I will show you a better image as an adult and an actor when I come back”.

Nam Da-reum made his debut in 2009 after appearing in KBS’s drama “Boys Over Flowers” as the young version of singer-actor Kim Hyun-joong. Carrying out activities as a child actor, Nam Da-reum mainly portrayed the childhoods of actors who are famous for having handsome visuals. 

In particular, he played the young version of Kang Dong-won in the movie “Kundo: Age of the Rampant”, Im Si-wan in “The King in Love” and Jung Hae-in in “A Piece of Your Mind”. 

Especially, Nam Da-reum formed a deep relationship with actor Lee Jong-seok as acted enthusiastically as young Lee Jong-seok in both movies (“No Breathing”) and dramas (“Pinocchio”, “While You Were Sleeping”). 

In addition, he also gained recognition by performing the childhood of Lee Dong-wook, Lee Jun-ho, Ji Chang-wook, Kim Seon-ho, etc.

Therefore, Nam Da-reum was even nicknamed the “child actor specializing in playing the young version of handsome men”. Regarding the nickname, Nam Da-reum said, “Seems like I receive that nickname thanks to the outstanding appearances of the adult actors”, expressing his gratitude.

Beginning his acting career at such a young age, Nam Da-reum has accumulated many experiences and built good acting skills comparable to adult actors. He proved his acting potential by winning Best Young Actor at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards for his role in “The King in Love”. He has recently shown amazing performances through the movie “Sinkhole”, dramas “Memory” and “Monstrous”.

As soon as Nam Da-reum became an adult in 2021, he left a strong impression on the viewers by taking on the lead role Cheong-seok in Netflix’s film “The 8th Night”.

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