The tragic life of Stacey Wu (Kris Wu’s mother)

Thanks to his mother, Kris Wu had had such a successful and famous career. But it is the excessive control for her children that this woman accidentally pushed her own son into the prison.

Chinese media has worked at full capacity for the past half-month because of Kris Wu‘s shocking scandals. Many people believe that Du Meidzu is the one who ended the male singer’s career when she denounced all of Kris Wu’s pervert history. However, in terms of the details of the case, it was Kris Wu’s mother, Stacey Wu, that pushed her son into the dead-end.

So what kind of woman is she that makes Kris Wu listened to her so obediently?

Unhappy married life

Page 163 said that Kris Wu’s mother (Stacey Wu) has a Chinese name, Wu Xiuqin. She married a man who graduated from the prestigious Tsinghua University and is working as head of a research institute. Kris Wu’s real name is Li Jiaheng. He lived with his parents in Guangzhou (China) from his childhood to the age of 10.

The tragic life of Stacey Wu (Kris Wu's mother)

However, after the couple’s divorce, Li Jiaheng followed his mother to Canada and then changed his name to Kris Wu. Mrs. Stacey Wu put all her heart into taking care of her only child. She wishes her son could become a doctor or lawyer in the future. However, Kris Wu has a dream of becoming a basketball player. After that, Mrs. Stacey pleased her son and let the male singer go to Korea as an idol trainee.

Stacey Wu has a sharp face with impressive visuals like a star. Kris Wu has shared photos of his mother on social networks a few times and received a lot of compliments from netizens. He possesses many beauties inherited from his mother.

The tragic life of Stacey Wu (Kris Wu's mother)
The tragic life of Stacey Wu (Kris Wu's mother)

The work of taking care of her son from an early age

From a young age, Kris Wu was taken care of by his mother. The love between mother and daughter was very deep. The male singer obeyed his mother in everything, except that he wanted to become an idol in Korea. Every year, on Mother’s Day, Kris Wu sends congratulatory messages and then shows off his cooking skills to share the joy with his mother.

BJH page said, right from a young age, he was aware that his mother sacrificed everything and worked very hard for him. In many interviews, the male singer emphasized that his mother is a solid support and also a shield to protect his life. Meanwhile, the male singer never wanted to talk about his father: “I neither remember much about nor contact him”.

The tragic life of Stacey Wu (Kris Wu's mother)

In an interview, the male singer once shared that, since he was a child, he always wished to live independently by the age of 18. This partly reflects the fact that Kris Wu wants to be free to develop. He doesn’t want to bear the shadow of his mother’s too big. After that, Kris Wu left for Korea, facing many difficulties alone, but according to him, it was a memorable time.

Kris Wu’s mother became a manager for her son and also a shield to hide his “dark past”

After Kris Wu returned to China, Stacey Wu became his manager and representative. She controls every activity of her son. However, the Chinese media claimed that receiving so much care from his mom, Kris Wu’s talent and emotional intelligence couldn’t fully developed. He has completely become a true “mama boy”.

According to various sources in showbiz, Kris Wu’s mother is the person who recruited every staff for her son. The stricter requirements and poorer benefit principles than other companies make many of the staff quitted their jobs right after their 3 months of internship. Not believing anyone except for herself and Kris Wu’s cousin, she tried to handle every of her son’s scandals.

The tragic life of Stacey Wu (Kris Wu's mother)

In the scandalous issue with Du Meidzu, Kris Wu’s mother is the person who handled everything from behind. She planned to send Du Meidzu the amount of 500.000 yuan in order to bribe her. After the scandal broke out, Kris Wu told his mother to put out the fire of the issue.

Mrs. Stacey always interferes in everything her son does and even his relationships. In the scandal with “Xiao Gna”, there is one thing that draws the attention of the public. This hot girl wanted to come to Kris Wu’s house but he suddenly said: “My mother is home”. It seemed like Kris Wu really wanted to hide his unofficial relationship from his mother.

The tragic life of Stacey Wu (Kris Wu's mother)

During a TV show, an MC commented about Kris Wu: “I think that when you have a girlfriend, it doesn’t matter if you like her or not, the thing that whether your mother likes her or not is more important”. At that time, he answered: “My mother is really strict, normal girls will not able to get the attention from her. It is because she is a traditional woman and she is good at everything. About my relationship, I would still follow my mother’s decision.”

Kris Wu’s mother is the one behind that helped him to become one of the greatest celebrities in Chinese showbiz. However, she is also the cause that pushed him to the endpoint. Site 163 commented that it was due to the wrongly strict management and the constraints from his mother that led to Kris Wu’s emotions always on the verge of explosion even though he didn’t want his mother to find out.

The tragic life of Stacey Wu (Kris Wu's mother)

The twist which push her son to the verge of being imprisoned

Looking back at Kris Wu’s scandal in May, the picture of him taking hot girl Xiaoyi to the cinema was released. A fan saw him and got jealous so she took the picture, recorded the video, and uploaded it on SNS. It was after the news was spread widely on the Internet that Du Meidzu knew she was cheated. She came on Weibo to exposed Kris Wu. No one would expect that other hot girls who said they were Kris Wu’s victims claimed that they also got cheated by him.

The tragic life of Stacey Wu (Kris Wu's mother)
The tragic life of Stacey Wu (Kris Wu's mother)

After the scandal broke out, as usual, Kris Wu’s mother tried to cover the situation as soon as possible by coming to the police to report. She didn’t expect that while investigating, the police also investigated Kris Wu. The secret was revealed and as a result, Kris Wu was arrested.

A Chinese blogger commented: “Fans started the scandal and his mother made the deadly move. This butterfly effect is much more impressive than movie.” Especially, the Beijing police also confirmed that they only received reports from Kris Wu but didn’t get any accusation report from Du Meidzu. This also shows that it was his mother that pushed him to this endpoint.

The tragic life of Stacey Wu (Kris Wu's mother)

Now, there is a source that when her son is being arrested by the police, Stacey Wu can only cry and torment at home. During the past half month, she only slept for 15 hours and “washed her face with tears” day by day.

Her husband who had not been in contact for decades also appeared in a hurry and flew from Guangzhou to Beijing to help her and find a good lawyer to defend their son. Perhaps, Kris Wu’s failure is the result of his own years of debauchery. Part of the fault also belongs to Stacey Wu – his biological mother manager, assistant, and also the one… who put her children in jail.

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