Four male stars who are “late bloomers” in the K-drama scene, the last actor gains popularity thanks to the drama starring Song Hye Kyo

These actors are enjoying the fruits of their hard work in their early 40s. 

1. Jung Kyung Ho

Before becoming the “cramp-class superstar” in “Crash Course in Romance,”Jung Kyung Ho had a long time toiling in the K-drama scene. His career only took a turn for the better after supporting in the drama “I’m Sorry, I Love You” followed by a series of appearances in TV drama series and movies. Nonetheless,  Jung Kyung Ho only gotten more recognition but could not leave a strong impression with the viewers. It was thanks to the “Prison Playbook” and “Hospital Playlist” that Kyung Ho was shot to stardom. And “Crash Course in Romance” helped solidify that position. 

Jung Kyung Ho
Jung Kyung Ho and Jeon Do Yeon made new rating record in tvN history with “Crash Course in Romance” 

2. Lee Je Hoon

Compared to the actors of his age, Lee Je Hoon got less recognition, much likely because he has been working more diligently in the movie-filming scene. He established his name with the iconic movie “Architecture 101” and has been on the roll with movie projects ever since. His drama-acting career took a  turn with “Signal” and jumped by leaps and bounds with “Move To Heaven.” As Kim Do Gi in “Taxi Driver,” Lee Je Hoon receives international stardom, showcasing his full acting spectrum from his two-decade worth of experience. 

Lee Je Hoon
Lee Je Hoon boasts an youthful charm in his late 30s 
Lee Je Hoon
The actor also challenges himself as a director 

3. Nam Koong Min

Long before Nam Koong Min was known for both his protagonist and antagonist roles, the actor had to struggle in the field for 15 years. He willingly took on supporting roles, guest stars and villain roles from a range of works, movie and drama alike. His career took a turn with “The Girl Who Sees Scents.” Afterwards, the actor started building his path to stardom with building blocks such as “Beautiful Gong Shim,” “Good Manager” and “Doctor Prisoner.” At the age of 42, Nam Goong Min made it big with “Hot Stove League” and won a Daesang at the “SBS Drama Awards 2020.” 

Nam Goong Min

4. Jung Sung Il

Prior to “The Glory,” Jung Sung Il was virtually unknown to the audience as he only took on minor roles in such works as “A Frozen Flower,” “Stranger 2” and “Our Blues.” It means, after 20 years of acting, the actor was only able to get a taste of K-drama success at the age of 43. Yet, it was worth it. Actor Jung is praised for not only his chemistry with Song Hye Kyo but also gained spotlight with his subtle yet powerful acting performance. It is a major turning point for the actor in drama-acting and the actor becomes a sought-after name in the industry. 

Jung Sung Il
Jung Sung Il started out as a theater actor 

Source: K14

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