“The Glory” fan guesses the reason Moon Dong Eun only eats gimbap even though she’s malnourished

Speculation about why Moon Dong Eun always eats kimbap despite being malnourished is drawing attention from “The Glory” viewers.

In a recently released content video on the Youtube channel “Mental Tantan”, a psychiatrist analyzed the characters in “The Glory”.

The glory song hye kyo theory

He pointed out details that Moon Dong Eun, (Song Hye Kyo), the school bullying victim in “The Glory”, only eats kimbap.

Kim Do Yeon, who became a fan of “The Glory” after watching the drama, said, “I think Moon Dong Eun has no interest in food or buying clothes or anything and focuses only the revenge as her lifetime goal”.

The glory song hye kyo theory

In response, psychiatrist Oh Jin Seung explained, “Moon Dong Eun has a trauma about fire and things that use fire because of the school violence experience in the past”, adding “I think she eats gimbap all the time because she can eat it without cooking, which requires her to use fire”.

Meanwhile, “The Glory” is still gaining popularity not only in Korea but also overseas. Part 2, which is expected to unveil the intense fight between Dong Eun and Yeon Jin, will premiere in March.

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