Former “Produce 101” Heo Chanmi Reveals The Agony of Evil Editing and Heartbreaking Toll on Her Mental Health

According to Heo Chanmi, due to the evil editing on Produce 101, her mother checked on her every 30 minutes because she was worried she might commit suicide. 

Former Mnet’s survival show “Produce 101 season 1” contestant Heo Chanmi recently opened up about the pain she endured from evil editing. 

Heo Chanmi said, “I’ve been through a lot to get here. I was a trainee for 10 years. My debut dream was shattered twice. I faced a big crisis after my debut. It was when I participated in ‘Produce 101’.

Heo Chanmi continued, “I got a severe sore throat. When I woke up the next day, my voice was gone. I was diagnosed with vocal nodules. Even during the interview, I kept mentioning the fact that I had vocal nodules. I asked for understanding, but I still couldn’t change my part and went on stage. Eventually, I had a vocal slip-up and failed. Of course, it was my mistake.

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Heo Chanmi said, “Since the training process was filmed, I waited for the show to air, hoping that this situation would be shown. When I watched the broadcast, I was shocked. On the screen, I was forcing my voice as the main vocal, but it looked like I was a greedy contestant who failed. The vocal slip-up scene was repeated three times, and the episode ended as it was. At that moment, my family became silent and burst into tears.

Heo Chanmi

Heo Chanmi shed tears, saying, “I ranked first in real-time searches for five weeks. I was afraid to meet people and developed social anxiety disorder. I lived in my room with blackout curtains for about a year. I didn’t eat and my mother checked on me every 30 minutes, worried that I might have negative thoughts.”

Heo Chanmi said, “I was going through such a difficult time, but as the show started to appear in the news, many people realized that it was evil editing and sent me a lot of support and encouragement. Thanks to that, I think I overcame it well.”

Source: Nate. 

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