Former iKON’s B.I banned from posting on Weibo and Douyin

Chinese social media accounts of the former iKON’s leader are officially suspended due to his drug scandal.

B.I started using Douyin (Chinese TikTok) from January 1, expecting to interact regularly with fans. However, the male idol also draws criticism from Chinese netizens because of his criminal record over illegal drug use. Not long after, these social media platforms stepped in.

Former iKON’s B.I banned from posting on Weibo and Douyin

Starting from January 10, B.I will not be able to post on Weibo and Douyin. The notice read: “This user is temporarily suspended for violating community standards.”

The Chinese government has been promoting the “Rectification Movement” in popular culture since last year.  This movement has caused celebrities, both Chinese and non-Chinese, with criminal records or personality scandals to be blacklisted and forbidden to appear on Chinese SNS.


In September last year, B.I was sentenced to 4 years probation for buying and using marijuana and LSD. This scandal caused B.I to withdraw from iKON and end his contract with YG Entertainment. Recently, the male rapper became the first K-Pop artist to be featured in the digital concert series “GRAMMYs Global Spin”.

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