Bibi overcomes emotional distress due to work and expands presence in various fields: From singing to variety and drama

Bibi, who broke down in tears and said she needed a break back in July, is showing off her hard work. 

Bibi will reportedly join the cast of Netflix’s original series “Sweet Home” Season 2. She is set to act alongside actors Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, Go Min Si, Park Kyu Young, and Jinyoung. Bibi’s character is yet to be revealed. The production team of “Sweet Home” aroused curiosity by saying, “We can’t tell you the details about Bibi’s role and appearance yet.”


This is not the first time Bibi has taken on an acting challenge. Last year, she appeared in the horror movie “Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming”. Bibi is also active in entertainment programs. She showed a unique sense of entertainment in tvN’s “Girls’ High School Mystery Class”. Bibi has also established herself as an icon of the MZ generation by boasting her unfiltered charm in “Witch Hunt 2022”, which is currently on air. She is loved for her sensible wit.

Bibi is also recognized for her skills as a singer, her main job. Her unique lyrics and voice give off a fresh charm. In her live performances, Bibi always flaunts a chill stage presence and good live singing. The video of Bibi’s performance on the American program “Good Morning America” recorded more than 1 million views the day it was posted. 

However, due to work, Bibi was going through a lot of pressure. Earlier in July, she broke down crying in an Instagram live broadcast. She confessed, “I want to eat and I want to take a nap. I want to rest. But I can’t do those things without hard work. I don’t have a choice. I have families to support. I have to work hard.” She continued, “You don’t know how hard I work. I want to wash my face and sleep. I’m not even allowed to wash my face. I’d rather not be an artist.”

ACtor Bibi

Afterwards, fans voiced concerns and poured out criticism against Bibi’s agency Feel Good Music and its CEO Tiger JK for overworking Bibi. However, the agency explained, “It’s Bibi’s personal stress and not a problem with the agency.”

Bibi also hurriedly cleared up the situation the next day, saying it was a “misunderstanding” and she was being “dramatic”. Bibi said, “Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae are the people who give me the greatest strength in difficult times. If there is anything I want to do, I will make it happen anyway. Thank you for understanding even my immature sides.” 

Eventually, Bibi seems to have overcome her emotional distress caused by work and is ready to carry out busier schedules, from singing, appearing on variety shows, to acting. 

Source: Daum

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