Former AOA member Shin Jimin: Life of an ordinary person after retiring from the entertainment industry

Former AOA member Shin Jimin’s daily life has been revealed.

On Feb 4th, AOA Jimin posted a video on her Instagram along with the caption saying “Let’s walk together”.

In the video, Jimin was walking from the subway station to her house. She covered her face with a hat and a mask.

Wearing thick padding, Jimin was walking while listening to music through wired earphones. It was impressive that she used the subway and walked even though it snowed heavily.

aoa jimin

Jimin withdrew from the group and announced her retirement from the entertainment industry in July 2020 after it was revealed that former AOA member Kwon Mina suffered mental damage from her. Jimin worked as AOA’s key member, writing and composing songs herself as well as being active in a number of entertainment programs.

Recently, she has been communicating with fans by uploading videos and photos on Instagram again.

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