“Withered vs fresh daisy”… V and GD’s SNS posts, are they having a war of nerves over Jennie?

Netizens raise speculation that BIGBANG G-Dragon is having a war of nerves with BTS V.

V uploaded a black-and-white photo of withered daisy flowers on his Instagram earlier this month. At that time, the dating rumor between V and Jennie was not prominent. However, as the rumor was raised later, it was interpreted that V’s post contained intentions.


Daisy is the signature of a fashion brand run by G-Dragon and his older sister. G-Dragon has often shown items using Daisy for a long time. Daisy flowers were thus regarded as his symbol. G-Dragon also posted a picture of daisy flowers on SNS on May 26th. However, what G-Dragon posted was fresh and bright daisy flowers.

Accordingly, some fans talked about whether the two were having a war of nerves over Jennie. In addition, when Jennie and V’s dating rumor broke out 3 days after G-Dragon and Jennie’s breakup rumor, G-Dragon suddenly changed the profile picture of his own fashion brand Peaceminusone’s official Instagram account to a photo of him putting the middle finger up.

Regarding this, netizens speculated that it may symbolize “finger curse”. There are many speculations about the relationship between V, Jennie and G-Dragon, but the three have not made an official statement on rumors surrounding them.


On the other hand, recently, a photo appeared along with a post saying that Jennie and V were seen together on Jeju Island, sparking a dating rumor between the two. In fact, fans were also puzzled because the people in the photo taken by a citizen are very similar to Jennie and V.

Source: Insight

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