A female Kpop idol drew shocked reactions for flashing her undies on stage

The shocking action of this female Kpop idol left netizens speechless. 

Recently, a performance video of a Kpop girl group became a hot topic on numerous SNS platforms. In the video, a member of this group did an extremely controversial action while on stage. 

In particular, the female idol suddenly pulled up her miniskirt and revealed her white underwear. Seeing this, another member quickly came forward and covered her groupmate. 

The action, which was captured by a watching audience member, immediately went viral across Internet forums and communities, receiving shocked reactions. 

The shocking undies flash. 

While it is unclear if the whole performance was good, netizens deemed the underwear reveal as inappropriate, especially when the group was performing in front of small children as well. 

According to several netizens, this was a performance at a small mall festival, so the idol, who was mostly unknown, did this intentionally to garner attention. 

Netizens suspected this to be a ploy for attention.
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