Foreign media focused on “Squid Game” Jung Ho-yeon’s serious weight loss

Foreign media talked about the skinny body of “Squid Game” actress Jung Ho-yeon.

On Dec 22nd (local time), Page Six, the entertainment section of The New York Post, reported on Jung Ho-yeon’s recent status, “Jung Ho-yeon said she shed 8 pounds (about 3.62 kg) in 10 days as she was promoting Netflix’s hit series ‘Squid Game’ in the US.”

Jung Ho-yeon

In an interview, Jung Ho-yeon mentioned her busy schedule and said, “I didn’t have time to eat. All the clothes that fit me when I first came to America are too loose now.”

Jung Ho-yeon recently uploaded several pictures through her Instagram account. In the photos, she drew attention by revealing her slender body in the aura of a global star.

Jung Ho-yeon

In response, her acquaintance commented, “My friend… Your body looks like it has only bones left.” Overseas fans also expressed their concerns, “Why are you so skinny? Eat something. Your physical condition scares me.”

In another interview with foreign media, Jung Ho-yeon honestly confessed that she could not keep up with the sudden popularity of “Squid Game“.


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