YG confirmed iKON Ju-ne and TREASURE Yoshi’s status: “Tested positive, but are in good health”

iKON Ju-ne and Treasure Yoshi have been tested positive.

On Jan 25th, iKON and TREASURE‘s agency, YG Entertainment announced through their official position that “iKON’s Ju-ne was additionally classified as a confirmed case following his fellow members Kim Jin-hwan, Song Yoon-hyung, and Kim Dong-hyuk.”

Ju-ne was tested negative in the PCR test conducted on Jan 22nd. However, two days later, on Jan 24th, he started to have symptoms of a mild throat cold, and he was submitted to be re-tested. It is reported that he was finally confirmed to be tested positive today (Jan 25th).

iKON Ju-ne tested positive

In addition, YG Entertainment said, “Yoshi will also be self-quarantined and home treated according to the PCR test result,” adding, “Both Ju-ne and Yoshi have completed the vaccination and are currently in good health.”

“As some confirmed cases occurred earlier, we have taken intensive preemptive measures beyond the quarantine guidelines of the authorities,” the agency said. “Regardless of close contact, we are continuing to conduct tests among our artists and staff and completing in-house quarantine disinfection. We will take all necessary measures to ensure the recovery of our artists who have been tested positive and prevent any further spread of the disease,” they added.

iKON Ju-ne tested positive

Earlier, iKON members Kim Jin-hwan, Song Yoon-hyung, and Kim Dong-hyuk were confirmed to be tested positive. Lee Seung-hoon of WINNER from the same agency was also reported of being infected the next day (Jan 24th).

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