Final Top 9 of “Youth With You 2”: Overwhelming visuals, talents go along with dramas

Finally, after much anticipation and countless rumors, the 9 best and most voted contestants of the show “Youth With You 2” are revealed. These are the favorite trainees of famous mentors including Lisa (BLACKPINK) – Cai Xukun – Ella – Jony J. After nearly 6 months on the show, 9 trainees have proved to the public their talents and irresistible charm through every round.

However, these 9 trainees are also 9 girls with many rumors and are the ones attracting drama for the show.

Liu Yuxin

Esther Yu’s rival on this show is Liu Yuxin. Born in 1997, Liu Yuxin has the most impressive achievement before the show when she used to participate in street dancing shows, her popping ability has also received praise from the experts. In fact, since she was 10, Liu Yuxin started dancing.  After graduating from elementary school at the age of 12, she went to Beijing by herself to learn to dance at Beijing Modern Music Academy.  After graduating from high school, Liu Yuxin entered the Tianjin Institute of Physical Education and Culture.

Compared to 109 girls on the show, Liu Yuxin is less talkative and doesn’t show emotions as much. Liu Yuxin once debuted in a group called Lady Bees with Snow Kong, but the group disbanded because of ineffective activities.

 Liu Yuxin possesses a very cool tomboy look and a tough aura. Notably, this is also a barrier for Liu Yuxin when taking part in showbiz.  Many people think that she is “too strong” and lacks the flexibility for a girl group. While talking with the famous CEO Yang Tian Zhen, Liu Yuxin caused controversy when expressing her opinion that Lady Bees disbanded not because she always protected her image. This accidentally pushed Snow Kong into an awkward position, causing the public to believe Liu Yuxin indicated that the group disbanded because of the members and the crew.

In addition, the aggressive attitude of Liu Yuxin’s fans toward other trainees also negatively affected people’s good feelings for Liu Yuxin. On social media, the battle between fandoms is divided into two sides between Liu Yuxin’s fanbase and other trainees’.

Esther Yu

Esther Yu is undoubtedly the hottest name of “Youth With You 2” right from the first episode with her “exaggerating” expression for mentor Lisa. Her girly style, “witty” attitude and insensitive way of talking to mentor Jony made Esther Yu at that time receive lots of criticism.  However, the “Queen of funny expressions” suddenly made the audience “turn” 180 degrees as she increasingly showed her adorable, sweet personality, high EQ and extremely caring for others.

Esther Yu was born in 1995, has been in Chinese entertainment industry since 1995 as an actress. Used to star in a few dramas such as “My Amazing Boyfriend 2”, “Find Yourself”, “Young Master and My Romance”, … but she only blew up after joining “Youth With You”.  After that, fans were also taken aback when they knew about her impressive family background..

Esther Yu graduated from Lasalle Art Academy of Singapore.  She used to participate in the show “Grade One” and every time she appeared, Esther impressed the audience with her classy look. Esther Yu’s father is described to have “a not simple background”, while her mother owns a company that manages a series of real estate, restaurants and hotels. Esther Yu is known as a “Fuerdai”, meaning second-generation rich kid who is born to a wealthy family. She is also called a “Bai fu mei”, the Chinese term that refers to women who are white, rich and beautiful. After graduating, Esther Yu immediately became the largest shareholder of the family company. Although she is only 25 years old, the pretty actress has invested money in many corporations, large and small, with the purpose of becoming a shareholder.

On Weibo, Esther Yu frequently shows off her luxurious life, traveling to many places in the world. Despite having a wealthy family background, she does not take it as something to be arrogant, instead, because her parents taught her well, she knows how to live independently and take good care of others. This has helped her become a well-loved trainee by everyone on the show.

Regarding the controversies surrounding Esther Yu, there have been rumors that she really likes Jennie yet always tried to show that she likes Lisa to gain attention. Besides, the actress’s studio used to be involved in a “troublesome accident” on social media when following a fan shipping account of Esther Yu and Cai Xu Kun, causing her to be attacked.

Later, Esther Yu explained that she loves all 4 members of BLACKPINK.  Netizens no longer have a strict look toward her because Esther Yu has managed to “steal their hearts” with her loveliness. The proof is that Esther Yu continuously ranked first on the show.

Zhao Xiaotang

Zhao Xiaotang is another extremely popular contestant on “Youth With You 2”. Just like Esther Yu, Zhao Xiaotang is also known to have a rich family background when she constantly appears with expensive high-end items from head to toe. 

Zhao Xiaotang was born in 1997, started dancing at the age of 8 and was an excellent student at the Beijing Dance Academy. She was a part of several big and small TV shows and dramas such as “Who’s the Drama Queen”, “Women in Beijing”,… Zhao Xiaotang’s social network in the industry is no joke either when she got Ma Sichun, Yu Zheng, Janine Chang and Chen He to film videos calling for votes for her in the finale.

Zhao Xiaotang was once caught in controversy for having low EQ in the show when she showed the attitude of looking down on Joey Chua.When choosing teammates, Zhao Xiaotang said, “Anyway, I might not choose Joey Chua” and advised Jenny Zeng to pick Joey Chua because “if not chosen she would be pitiful”.

Snow Kong

Snow Kong was born in 1996, right after she confirmed her participation in the show, it caused a stir on social media. Snow Kong owns the top visual among trainees of “Youth With You 2”. She used to be a trainee of JYP, then returned to China to debut in the group Lady Bees with Liu Yuxin.

However, Snow Kong is a contestant who has a long list of controversies that constantly cause a stir among netizens.

Snow Kong was involved in dating rumors with Victor Ma, the runner-up on the TV show “The Coming One”. Although neither has spoken out about their relationship, there was countless evidence of dating such as traveling to Japan together, posting loving captions,…

However, while dating the handsome Victor Ma, Snow Kong was rumored several times to be secretly dating other men.  Among them, the girlfriend of one person caught the two together. As a result, the JYP trainee had to send private messages to apologize. However, Snow Kong still hung out with the guy behind everyone’s back. In a shared chat online, the guy’s girlfriend said that even close friends could not persuade Snow Kong to stop.

Rumors surrounding romantic relationships were already troublesome, Snow Kong’s attitude and behaviour also made fans dissatisfied. Previously when participating in a TV show, Snow Kong had an impolite attitude when she swore at her seniors.  Immediately, she was educated by the director: “Be a virtuous person first and then be an artist.”

Not stopping there, Snow Kong also made a statement that stirred up netizens: “No men like the three of them, don’t they feel pathetic?”

An Qi

 An Qi – Lisa’s favorite trainee, born in 1996, possesses top-notch visual and charisma. Despite being called “little pepper” of the show because she only has a modest height of 1m57, An Qi is a strong opponent and also a trainee that is often chosen by team leaders.

Yu Yan

Yu Yan is a prominent contestant from the later stages of the show.  She was born in 1996 and her name was only remembered when she got into Class A all 3 times because of her highly appreciated talent. Having a cold, somewhat disciplined personality due to the influence of the school she attended – Beijing Academy of Politics and Law, Yu Yan gradually surprised the audience when she was “synchronized” by other trainees and became more hilarious.

 However, Yu Yan was caught in a serious scandal right before the finale. Yu Yan’s former social media account was suddenly “dug up” by netizens, in which a series of shocking posts with vulgar language, even related to adult content of Yu Yan in the past were brought back. The incident was so severe that the public demanded to boycott Yu Yan, no longer wanting to see her on Youth With You 2.

Accordingly, the account on the Renrenwang forum that was said to be Yu Yan’s had many posts that express discontent in 2012. A post on March 3 was: “Who do you think you are? Do you still have a face? I was so good to you, but what about you? This Yu Yan is not whom you can do whatever you want to? Remember this carefully “.  Another post is more shocking and filled with sensitive words. Besides, in many comments, this account used many swear words.

Xu Jiaqi

Xu Jiaqi was born in 1995, nicknamed Kiki, a member of the Chinese idol group SNH48 of 7SENSES.  She stood out from the first rounds because of the large fanbase before the show.

Having an attractive aura and excellent dancing ability, Xu Jiaqi does not have any minus points in the public eye. Along with An Qi, Xu Jiaqi is also a contestant with a spotless personal life, with no scandal.

Xie Keyin

Shaking Chloe/Xie Keyin is a rare rapper on the show that can both dance and sing well. Her vocals have received many praises. In the first episodes, Xie Keyin created a buzz on social media when she took off the mask to showcase her excellent visuals.

In later stages of the show, Xie Keyin became increasingly capable of proving her gifted talent and bright personality, always being a person that other members could lean on. However, Xie Keyin is a contestant with a sad personal life. According to many sources, because of family problems, Xie Keyin shared that she does not have any other relatives.

Lu Keran

Lu Keran is without doubt the most shocking contestant on the final night when she suddenly got 9th place although she often ranked outside the debut line up. Born in 1995, Lu Keran belongs to the TOV company together with trainee Lin Fan. She debuted as the leader of the girl group FFC-Acrush with the members having handsome appearances.

Lu Keran has a lovely visual with a small face, harmonious features. She owns a large fan base thanks to her nice appearance and positive personality.  Compared to many other contestants, Lu Keran also has a clean personal life with no controversies.

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