Here’s why Kim Da Mi of “Our Beloved Summer” is the girlfriend of our dreams

Yeon Soo (Kim Da Mi) is not only pretty but also considerate.

Not so sweet, soft or romantic, but Yeon Soo (Kim Da Mi) still manages to make Choi Woong (Choi Woo Sik) head over heels in love with her and willing to stay by her side forever. Seeing how Yeon Soo shows her affection to Choi Woong from the beginning of “Our Beloved Summer” until now, she has definitely become our ideal girlfriend. She is cold on the outside but warm and lovely on the inside. Choi Woong himself has to admit, “She’s really great, so great that I don’t think I deserve her.”

A pretty face and a sexy brain 

While Choi Woong ranked 267/267 in the whole school, Yeon Soo (Kim Da Mi) was a top student. She is hardworking, smart, and knows what she wants to do with her life. She prioritizes her studies and self-improvement and also works part-time to earn money to help her grandmother. Yeon Soo is considered the perfect daughter. Born in a not-so-well-off family without the love of parents, Yeon Soo is still strong and full of life.

Kook Yeon Soo Our Beloved Summer

Besides, Yeon Soo easily stands out from the crowd with her beautiful and radiant look. When in high school, even though not knowing who Yeon Soo was when she passed by, Ji Woong (Kim Sung Chul) quickly developed a crush for her and fell in love unrequitedly for 10 years. The charm of a beautiful and smart woman that Yeon Soo radiates is truly amazing!

Cold to the whole world except the one she loves 

It’s not words but actions that are the clearest proof of affection. It wasn’t until episode 8 that the viewers could hear Yeon Soo say “I love you” but before that, Yeon Soo had a lot of actions to showcase her love. From helping Choi Woong with his studies, protecting him from bullies or carrying Choi Woong when he’s drunk. Yeon Soo always pays attention to every detail when she is with Choi Woong and has never forgotten about his habits. The proof is that after years apart, she still remembers that Choi Woong has insomnia and that he keeps frowning when sleeping, so she would put her hand on his forehead while he was sleeping, etc. Yeon Soo was so worried about him that even though she was angry, she unconsciously bought him apples because it was good for insomniacs. It seems that when in love, Yeon Soo knows and understands everything related to Choi Woong. She silently observes, comforts and helps Choi Woong change for the better.

If Choi Woong is worried about losing the relationship, Yeon Soo always cherishes it. She is comfortable coming to his house, talking with his parents. Similarly, Yeon Soo also brought Choi Woong to meet her grandmother – the most important person to her. Yeon Soo is afraid that the debts she is carrying will make it difficult for Choi Woong and afraid of being selfish again, not giving the person she loves as much as what he gives her. She is concerned that her love will turn into an attempt, which will drag Choi Woong into the tired and anxious life she is enduring. So Yeon Soo chooses to let go to keep the best memories of sincere love.

Not just love, Yeon Soo is also the mental support that without her, Choi Woong’s life becomes dark, insecure and full of suffering. The proof is that during the 5 years of breaking up, Choi Woong lost sleep every day to the point that taking medicine was no longer effective, but as long as Yeon Soo is by his side, Choi Woong can doze off. Then when they meet again, without talking too much, Yeon Soo always listens and understands the pain of her lover and knows how to soothe and comfort him. And by coincidence, Yeon Soo herself is also a bearer of mental wounds, so Yeon Soo is always the right piece for someone who mentally struggles like Choi Woong.

Kook Yeon Soo Our Beloved Summer

Cold and grumpy, but when she falls in love, Yeon Soo is equally romantic and sweet. Knowing that Choi Woong wanted to go out, she took a break from work so that the two of them could travel. Knowing that Choi Woong wanted to see the cherry blossoms bloom but couldn’t so she put the flowers in her hand and threw them up. When she saw Choi Woong lose consciousness because he thought she would leave him, Yeon Soo took the initiative to declare her love, comfort him and even confirm that she would never break up to give Choi Woong peace of mind. Recently, when they fell in love again, Yeon Soo took the initiative to hug and say loving words to Choi Woong. That is enough to see that Yeon Soo can be cold to the whole world but when in love, she is indeed the ideal girlfriend that everyone wants to have.

Kook Yeon Soo Our Beloved Summer

“Our Beloved Summer” airs every Monday and Tuesday night on SBS.

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