Lee Je-hoon’s popularity skyrockets after first episode of ‘Taxi Driver 2’, which helped him rising to the top of TV search rankings 

The lead actor of the drama “Taxi Driver 2,” Lee Je-hoon, rose to the top of TV search rankings after just one episode of the show.

On the 23rd, GoodData Corporation, a research institute, released its “TV Search Rankings for the 3rd Week of February” research report.

lee ji hoon

The top keyword for the “February 3rd Week TV Search Rankings Top 10” was Lee Je-hoon, followed by Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Min-kyu, Pyo Ye-jin, Seo Ji-hye, Hong Soo-hyun, Lee Sung-jae, Ko Bo-gyeol, Lee Sang-woo, and Jung Kyung-ho.


In terms of drama search rankings, “Penthouse 3” took the top spot, followed by “Taxi Driver 2,” “Red Balloon,” “Broker,” and “Three Brave Siblings.” “Youth of May,” “Tale of the Nine Tailed,” “Bride of the Water God,” and “Lovestruck in the City” followed closely behind.


In the “February 3rd Week Drama Buzz” section, “Penthouse 3,” “Taxi Driver 2,” and “Broker” respectively ranked first, second, and third.


In the cast section, “Penthouse 3” lead actors Jung Kyung-ho and Jeon Do-yeon took the first and second spots, respectively. Following them, “Taxi Driver 2” lead actor Lee Je-hoon took third place, and “Broker” lead actress Lee Bo-young took fourth place.

Source: wikitree

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