Fierce competition for the ‘Best Female Artist’ award of MAMA 2021: Rosé, Lisa or IU, who will win?

Many netizens have been perplexed by the MAMA 2021 ‘Best Female Artist’ award as the result is unpredictable. 

The Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2021 will be held on December 11 at 6 p.m. (KST). This is always one of the most eagerly anticipated year-end events, as well as the awards show that sparks the most debate among fandoms. However, in recent years, a number of MAMA categories have been regarded as predictable because one artist will outperform the other nominees.

As for MAMA 2021, many people think that the ‘Best Female Artist’ award will also have no dramatic competition and have a name that will ‘surely’ win.  But is this entirely accurate when we look at this year’s nominations and award criteria?

MAMA 2021

On the evening of November 3, MAMA 2021 officially announced this year’s nominations.  In which, the ‘Best Female Artist’ category attracted attention because of the appearance of famous female solo artists with outstanding achievements.  The candidates named include IU, Heize, Lisa (BLACKPINK), Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Taeyeon (SNSD).

MAMA 2021
MAMA 2021
MAMA 2021
MAMA 2021
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When the nominations for the ‘Best Female Artist’ category were announced, many people assumed that the winner would be very predictable. Knets believed that IU would undoubtedly be the best female solo artist at MAMA 2021 due to her outstanding digital achievements. Some people even thought that although Lisa or Rosé are famous, only IU deserves this award.

However, this story later became a hot topic on Korean online forums as many Knets thought that the ‘Best Female Artist’ category will have a dramatic competition and an unpredictable result.  The reason is because according to the criteria announced by MAMA, not only digital achievements are considered even though IU is considered the “queen” in this field.

Specifically, MAMA 2021 will consider the winners according to the following proportions: 40% the judges’ evaluation, 20% digital achievements, 20% physical album sales, 10% music video, 10% the global music platform (Apple Music).

According to this criterion, Rosé and Lisa (BLACKPINK) have absolutely a chance to win, especially Lisa.  Accordingly, the youngest member of BLACKPINK has the advantage in album sales, MV views, and achievements in the global music platform.  So that Lisa can also compete with IU and everything is probably decided only by the judge’s evaluation.  In addition, Rosé still has a chance when her achievements are said to be more stable than IU and Lisa.  Rosé has good achievements in all areas from domestic and international digital music to album sales.

Some comments by Knet about the nomination for the ‘Best Female Artist’ category:

  • It’s just a competition between IU, Rosé and Lisa, right?
  • They should write IU’s name on the trophy right now.
  • It’s not easy to guess, if IU wins Daesang, this award will be given to another artist.
  • Honestly, it would be weird if IU didn’t get this award.
  • Anyway, the winner is IU.
  • The winner will be Lisa or IU.
  • I also think this is just an internal competition between Lisa and Rosé.
  • MAMA loves making money from foreign fans so I think it’s Lisa.
  • Don’t forget about 40% from the judges’ evaluation, so the winner is the one MAMA chose, not us.
  • IU must win, it’s not hard to guess.
  • I really like Rosé’s song, I wish Rosé would win.
  • I don’t think MAMA will give IU high score. Rosé and Lisa have sold a lot of albums, so I’m not sure who will get it.

And in your opinion, which female singer will win the ‘Best Female Artist’ award of MAMA 2021?  Please share your point of view.

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