Surpassing BTS, BLACKPINK is the most mentioned artist at the 2022 MTV VMAs

Surpassing various other famous pop artists, BLACKPINK comes out on top to become the most mentioned artist at the 2022 MTV VMAs

Internet traffic analyzer NetBaseQuid recently announced their list for artists at the 2022 MTV VMAs with the highest volume of mention. The rankings are separated into male and female artists, and BLACKPINK landed at No.1 on Top Female Artists Mentioned, surpassing Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. 


Furthermore, the volume of mentions for BLACKPINK is higher than the 1st place of Top Male Artists Mentioned (BTS – 843 thousand), making them the most mentioned artist during this award ceremony. 


In addition, all BLACKPINK members also make it into the Top 10 of this chart. In the Top Brand Mentioned list, the group also made 3 appearances, exceeding Taylor Swift and Lizzo.


BLACKPINK full rankings is as follows: 

Top Female Artist Mentioned at the 2022 MTV VMAs: 

  • #1 BLACKPINK – 7 million 
  • #2 Lisa – 3.8 million
  • #4 Rosé – 655 thousand
  • #8 Jennie – 128 thousand
  • #10 Jisoo – 98 thousand 

Top Brand Mentioned 

  • #1 Lisa’s Bvlgari Necklace – 64 thousand 
  • #2 Jennie in Chanel – 25 thousand
  • #3 Jisoo in Dior – 22 thousand
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