“How can my sister get pregnant?” “Koo Jun-yup’s sister-in-law” Dee Hsu gets angry at Barbie Hsu’s pregnancy rumors

Dee Hsu, the younger sister of Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (Koo Jun-yup’s wife), mentioned Barbie Hsu’s pregnancy rumors.

Recently, Chinese entertainment media outlet Sina Entertainment reported, “Dee Hsu attended an official event and answered questions related to Barbie Hsu’s pregnancy. She strongly denied it.”

Barbie Hsu

In a photo of Koo Jun-yup and Barbie Hsu‘s couple meeting, which was released last month, Barbie Hsu wore a wide, flabby dress and appeared to have gained weight. She was later embroiled in pregnancy rumors.

Dee Hsu dismissed rumors, “Netizens really have no eyes. My sister is very happy now, and she isn’t pregnant. When Barbie Hsu meets her friends, everyone praises her for being ‘beautiful’. She didn’t gain weight at all.”

Dee Hsu also mentioned that Barbie Hsu had difficulties during childbirth in the past. She revealed that there is no possibility of pregnancy, “How can my sister get pregnant? Her second child was born by risking her life. She’s enjoying life happily now.”

Source: dispatch

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