From Han Ji Min’s “Hip” to Lee Jun Ho – Lim Yoon Ah’s ‘King the Land’, JTBC revealed its 2023 drama lineup

JTBC unveiled a new drama lineup for 2023.

The 2023 JTBC dramas promise to take over the public’s favor with fresh materials and solid stories, as well as a powerful group of actors and trusted writers and directors. In addition, various genres of works such as healing, office, crime, comedy, mystery fantasy, hero, and romance will go on air to provide viewers with a variety of fun.

Yoon Hee Woong, head of the strategic planning office, said, “The only keyword JTBC thought of while preparing for the 2023 drama lineup is ‘public popularity’. We focused on not only the completeness of the works, but also how many viewers can reach and breathe together with our stories. We will listen to the opinions of viewers in each work and try to present a JTBC-like drama loved by the public.”

● Below is the lineup of JTBC dramas in 2023

– “Dr. Cha Jung Sook” (written by Jeong Yeo Rang, directed by Kim Dae Jin) / Cast: Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Byung Chul

Dr. Cha Jeong-sook

“Dr. Cha Jung Sook” is a drama about the new life of Cha Jung-sook, who became a first-year resident after staying home as a housewife for the past 20 years. Cha Jung-sook’s life reboot challenge, awakened by her husband’s betrayal, promises to give the audience a thrilling laugh and empathy. 

– “Agency” (directed by Lee Chang-min, written by Song Soo Han) / Cast: Lee Bo Young, etc

“Agency” is an elegant office drama that depicts the story of Go Ah In who became the first female executive of a large advertising agency with her desire for success and spite. Actress Lee Bo Young plays the lead female role Go Ah In.

– Divine Divorce (written by Yoo Young Ah, directed by Lee Jae Hoon) / Cast: Cho Seung Woo, Han Hye Jin, Kim Sung Kyun, and Jung Moon Sung

Divine Divorce

Divine Divorce depicts the turbulent story of Shin Sung Han, a divorce lawyer. Actor Cho Seung Woo plays the role of Shin Sung Han, the lawyer who aids those who stand in the middle of the tough life choice called “divorce.”

– “Hip” (working title, scripted by Lee Nam Kyu, directed by Kim Seok Yoon) / Cast: Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, etc


“Hip” is a drama about the story of veterinarian Ye Bun who demonstrate psychometric superpowers and hot-blooded detective Jang Ye-Yeol, and their adventure of solving small crime cases in a small neighborhood called Mujin in Chungcheong-do. Actress Han Ji Min plays Ye Bun and actor Lee Min Ki plays Jang Ye Yeol, adding to the high expectations.

– King the Land (written by Choi Rom, Tim Harimao, directed by Lim Hyun-wook) / Cast: Lee Jun Ho, Lim Yoon Ah, etc

“King The Land” is a story about Goo Won, a man who despises laughter, and Cheon Sa Rang, who always has to smile due to her job as a hotelier in the VVIP lounge “King The Land.” Actor Lee Jun Ho will play the role of Goo Won, the heir of the King Group, who has natural elegance, charisma, intelligence, and chic charm, and actress Lim Yoon Ah will play the role of Cheon Sa Rang, the smiling angel of the King Hotel.

– “Bad Mom” (written by Bae Se Young; directed by Shin Na Yeon) / Cast: Ra Mi Ran, Lee Do Hyun, Ahn Eun Jin

bad mother

“Bad Mom” is a touching and healing comedy that tells about Young Soon, who has no choice but to be a “bad mother” to her child, and her prosecutor son Kang Ho, who suddenly becomes a child again one day, recovering their mother-son relationship. Actress Ra Mi Ram will appear as “bad mom” Young Soon. Lee Do Hyun is expected to play the son Kang Ho, who grew up the way his mother wanted but then became distant from his mother, while Ahn Eun Jin will star in the drama as Mi Joo, Kang Ho’s childhood friend and resting place.

– “Miracle Brothers” (written by Kim Ji Woo; directed by Park Chan Hong) / Cast: Jung Woo, Bae Hyun Sung

Miraculous Brothers

“Miracle Brothers” centers around Dong Joo, a young man who has only debt, and Kang San, an unidentified young man with mysterious abilities. Jung Woo takes on the role of Dong Joo, an aspiring “dirt spoon” writer, and Bae Hyun Sung will play Kang San.

– “Strong Woman Gang Nam Soon” (written by Baek Mi Kyung; directed by Kim Jung Sik) / Cast: Lee Yoo Mi, Kim Jung Eun, Kim Hae Sook, Ong Seong Woo, Byung Woo Seok

Strong Woman Gang Nam-soon

“Strong Woman Gang Nam Soon” depicts the global 3-generation project carried out by Do Bong Soon’s 6th cousin Gang Nam Soon (Lee Yoo Mi), her mother Gang Geun Joo (Kim Jung Eun), and her grandmother Gil Joong Gan (Kim Hae Sook) to dig into the reality of a new drug crime in Gangnam. 

– “Playing Woman” (written by Na Kyung; directed by Kim Young Hwan) / Cast: Um Tae Gu, Han Sun Hwa

The drama tells a heart-fluttering romance with twists and turns between Ji Hwan (Um Tae Gu), the eldest brother of a family who clears up all the dark past, and Eun Ha (Han Sun Hwa), a sister who loves playing with kids.

Playing Woman

– “Gong Until The End” (literal title; written by Jung Hee Sun; directed by Park Jin Seok)

The series tells the story of Sa Ra and Ki Joon reuniting thanks to a divorce settlement agent. 

– “Irresistible Love” (written by Nam Ji Seol; directed by Nam Gi Hoon)

The irresistible romance between a woman who was completely sealed in a forbidden book 300 years ago, and a man who becomes the victim of the book.

– “Welcome to Samdalri” (written by Kwon Hye Joo; directed by Cha Young Hoon)

It tells the story of the main character, who looks cool like a dragon ascending to heaven, trying to come back to his place after losing everything. 

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