Fans of actor Oh Ji Ho released a statement in defense of Oh Ji Ho after his name was dragged into Heo Yi Jae’s case

Netizens have been suspecting here and there to find out the actor who asked Heo Yi Jae to sleep with him. When Oh Ji Ho became the target, his fans immediately issued a statement.

On September 11, DC Inside Gallery of Male Celebrities posted a statement:

“Currently, many speculations about actor Oh Ji Ho are being spread without confirmed evidence. Therefore, we issue this official statement because we cannot stop feeling terrible for him.

Oh Ji Ho’s fans will keep track of and sue those who spread false rumors in order to defame actor Oh Ji Ho, swore at or insulted him, and ruined his reputation. We will continue to monitor and take all possible legal measures, including civil damages claims, with no leniency and tolerance.”

Meanwhile, actor Oh Ji Ho has been called out by netizens as they suspected him of being the celebrity who asked Heo Yi Jae to sleep together while filming a drama in the past. On September 10, actress Heo Yi Jae appeared on a Youtube video and revealed her experience of being abused. She exposed an actor who said “If a male and female co-stars want to act like a couple onscreen, they have to sleep together.” and asked her to sleep with him.

When the public started to raise various speculations and suspect some specific famous stars, Heo Yi Jae commented under the video, saying, “At that time, I must have been inexperienced, but I’m confident that I have never done anything impolite. However, I told my story with no intention of attacking that person, so please refrain from witch-hunting him.

Heo Yi Jae retired from the entertainment industry after her last drama, “You Are A Gift”, in 2016.

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