Fans cannot help but laugh when Sehun reveals jealousy to Chanyeol because “everything of him is big”

On the occasion of Chanyeol’s 27th birthday, Sehun prepared to send a lovely gift to his closest brother.

Even though he was on the set, maknae Sehun did not forget to send his birthday wishes to Chanyeol.

On the occasion of Chanyeol’s 27th birthday, Sehun was unable to attend the birthday party that Chanyeol held with fans. Therefore, the guy sent a video to Chanyeol. The content of the video is as follows:

“Please make the fans happy! Hyung, do you know that I’m jealous of you.. I’m very envious of your ears, why are they so big? Your eyes are big, even your nose. I wonder why they’re so big, I’m envious of them. Happy birthday and I hope that EXO-L will have a great time. Bye!”

Chanyeol watched the video together with EXO-L and everyone melted because of the lovely guy:

  • That’s so cute, Sehun must love Yeol so much, he just doesn’t know how to express it.
  • He expressed his jealousy just to praise Chanyeol, maybe that’s the reason why Chanyeol loves Sehun the most.
  • He was so shy when talking, it’s so cute.

In EXO, Chanyeol extremely loves and perhaps the most influential brother to Sehun. It is not difficult for EXO-L to catch the moments of Chanyeol and EXO’s youngest member eating and playing together. Therefore, Sehun loves Chanyeol and sees him as a brother in the family. And despite he normally doesn’t talk much, Sehun still made a video for Chanyeol’s birthday. Adorable right?

In addition to admiring the relationship between Sehun and Chanyeol, EXO-L also cannot help but laugh when re-reading the wishes of the youngest member. Sehun was jealous of Chanyeol because everything of him is too … big? Obviously, Sehun’s eyes are no smaller than Chanyeol, his body is also muscular. Then, what made Sehun jealous of Chanyeol?

The relationship between Chanyeol and EXO’s members must be very special. Hope that in the future Chanyeol will still love and protect the big brother but also the most childish and playful one, Sehun!

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