“I’ll smack you if you do that again”, Jamie forgives Ex-Day6’s Jae for his disrespectful comment about her

While former Day6’s Jae was criticized for his sexually harassing remark towards Jamie, Jamie says she has accepted Jae’s apology.

jae jamie

On January 20, Jamie posted on her Twitter account, “Jae came by the other day and we had a talk. He apologized for his words and mistake. If anyone knows about Jae as a friend or close person, you would know he wasn’t meaning that as what he said.” She continued, “Jae promised he would use his words wisely and I appreciate it.”

In another tweet, she tags Jae’s account and gives him a warning in a joking manner, “I’ll smack you if you do that one more time.”

jae jamie

Mentioning Jamie during his recent live broadcast, Jae said, “Now that I’m not in Kpop any more, why is Jamie trying to be a th*t?”. This comment came under controversy because he was referring to Jamie using a derogatory word towards women. 

As the controversy grew bigger, Jae posted his apology on his personal Twitter, saying, “My sincerest apologies to Jamie and everyone who was hurt by what I said.” After Jamie knew about Jae’s inappropriate comment, she expressed her displeasure. But after having an in-person conversation with Jae, she forgave the male singer.


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