Fans are heartbroken to find out why Song Ji-hyo had to go into quarantine despite having no close contact with a infected

Song Ji-hyo was found to be a non-vaccinated person, drawing attention to her “Western medicine allergy.” 

Song Ji-hyo

After Eun-hyuk of the group Super Junior was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, and the whole cast of SBS’s “Running Man” was also affected. While all the cast members were tested negative, Song Ji-hyo was found to be a non-vaccinated person, drawing attention to her “Western medicine allergy.” 

Song Ji-hyo immediately conducted a PCR test on January 20th after confirming that her movement path overlapped with the confirmed patient. Although she was tested negative, the actress canceled all schedule and went into self-quarantine in case of an unexpected situation. 

In Korea, only people who have close contact with a confirmed patient have to quarantine for 10 days. Why is Song Ji-hyo one of these cases even though she is not classified as a close contact? 

It turns out Song Ji-hyo is an unvaccinated person because of her allergy to Western medicine. Song Ji-hyo was diagnosed with Western medicine allergies when she was a child, which hadn’t been disclosed in the early days of her career.

Then, after Song Ji-hyo collapsed in 2011, her condition became known. Song Ji-hyo was urgently taken to the emergency room after showing allergic reactions with red spots and shortness of breath while undergoing IVs to replenish her physical strength after filming the MBC drama “Gyebaek” and SBS’s “Running Man.”

Song Ji-hyo

The hospital recommended Song Ji-hyo to get sufficient rest and recovery, but she couldn’t due to the filming of “Gyebaek.” Song Ji-hyo collapsed again in three days. After filming “Gyebaek” overnight, she showed symptoms of difficulty breathing and had to be hospitalized. 

Song Ji-hyo had difficulty breathing and ran out of stamina due to a severe swollen airway. She was stabilized with the help of an oxygen respirator. 

Producer Cho Hyo-jin of “Running Man” told Ten Asia at the time, “I met Song Ji-hyo at the hospital. She wanted to participate in the filming, but both the production team and the agency officials decided that it was urgent for her to recover her health, so her filming was postponed.” 

Song Ji-hyo

According to the agency, Song Ji-hyo has repeatedly responded to antibiotic-related treatment abnormalities even after recovering. In particular, she could not get vaccinated for health reasons even though Korean citizens have to be vaccinated due to COVID-19. 

In the case of Western medicine allergy, the patients react to a specific ingredient. The ingredients of the allergy-causing drug vary from patient to patient, so it is necessary to check which drug they are allergic to via a medicine test. 

Since the patients have to avoid taking drugs that cause allergic reactions, it is inconvenient and painful in many ways if most drugs have side effects. Song Ji-hyo must have had a hard time when she was sick or in poor condition. 

An official from her agency asked for fans’ understanding, “According to the doctor’s long-term deliberation and opinions, we had no choice but to think carefully about her COVID-19 vaccination.”


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