Fans are constantly shocked by the bold outfits of Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

Hwasa (MAMAMOO) is known as an idol girl who possesses an “extreme” fashion style which shocked fans many times.

With the unique style, Hwasa (MAMAMOO) outfits continue to make Kpop fan community excited whenever she shows up with flashy outfit sets and unique “boots”.

Not only is she labeled as the idol with the unique fashion style, but Hwasa (Mamamoo) has also shocked fans and audiences with her incredibly bold outfits for many times. With the “different” style, she often chooses for herself the outfit or accessories that are so unique that they shocked the audiences many times.

In the recent showcase, Hwasa continued to make the online community “laugh out loud” with outfit sets that are stranger than the previous ones. However, also here, the youngest of MAMAMOO voiced for the first time to answer fans’ questions about the unique fashion style. “I’m not a person who can dress well, I just choose what looks cool to me” – the idol shared.

Appeared in the showcase on March 14, Hwasa set out in a flashy outfit set, meeting all 3 elements: unique- strange – weird making the community laugh.
Dressed in a pink hoodie, the mix & match for outfit sets with red accessories like gloves, pants and high boots with fancy designs.
The upper part of the big boot made her encounter many difficulties when performing choreography or even moving normally.
Sharing about this style, Hwasa said: “I am the one standing on the stage so I feel happy when I wear my favorite clothes.”
“I don’t think I’m a good dresser. I just take a look and wear the right clothes that look cool to me. Instead of trying to combine clothes, I wonder if clothes are right for me. That’s how I choose them. I’m not a nice dresser but I try to think of a way to dress that makes me look cool “.
Perhaps it is the way to choose the item that helps the youngest of MAMAMOO become more prominent than the other members when standing in a frame.
Of course, it was not the first time Hwasa made fans laugh with tears in her unique, unusual fashion sense. Not long ago, this idol also brought a raincoat style on the red carpet made the fans laugh.
Exclusive outfits which are strange and different are the criteria to help her “look cool”.
The high boot with the pretty and “weird” design is one of her favorite items.
Not only that, the style of going to work when wrapping the towel with wet hair also caused a “storm” on social media for some time.
Indeed, whether on stage or in everyday life, Hwasa always looks cool.

For a long time, instead of getting many criticisms from netizens, the youngest of MAMAMOO now has many public sympathies. Perhaps because of something like this, she has increasingly built up her own, unique image that makes fans become more interested. Are you a fan of Hwasa‘s fashion style?

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