Fabric softener became popular after BTS Jungkook’s recommendation

One more time, BTS proved their strong power to the online community.

Jungkook chatted with his fans on Daum Fan Cafe website on the 20th.
While talking about laundry topic, he recommended a fabric softener product. He said he was using that brand of product.
‘Army’ fans expressed their desire to use this product as well. They also made inquiries directly to the Downy official account.
And of course Downy responded immediately. They keep commenting “I really like it” on related Twitter content.

After Jungkook’s recommendation, this product is becoming more and more popular. It smells of vanilla and refreshing feeling floral fragrance.

Meanwhile, ‘BTS‘ performed a world tour in Singapore on the 19th.

Photo Source: Dispatch DB, Twitter

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