The photo of BTS J-Hope’s dad made Knets crazy

After viewing the photos, many people agreed that J-Hope’s family really has too dominant genes.

Although J-Hope is not a part of the visual-line of BTS, he still possesses an outstanding handsome appearance.  From sharp facial features, straight nose to his lovable grin, few ARMYs can resist his charm.

The photo of BTS J-Hope’s dad made Knets crazy

Netizens recently knew who J-Hope has inherited from those outstanding beauty.  A picture of J-Hope’s father posted by the male idol’s sister Jung Jiwoo on Instagram Story is attracting great attention of Knets because of the details that make them unable to believe their eyes.

In the photo below, J-Hope’s sister is smiling and holding a man’s hand.  His face is covered with a heart shape.  Do those muscular arms, strong Adam’s apple, and overall face shape remind you of anyone? If your first thought was J-Hope, you’re not alone—but you are wrong.

The photo of BTS J-Hope’s dad made Knets crazy

As if knowing the thoughts of many netizens, Jung Jiwoo posted the image with the caption: “Not my boyfriend but my dad. But honestly, if I say this is my brother, then everyone would believe it.”

And it is true.  Once the face is covered, almost every facial line and proportions of J-Hope’s dad is truly the ‘original’, and J-Hope is a standard ‘copy’ in every detail.  Some people also said that although you can see a little aging in the character’s chin line in the photo, J-Hope’s father’s physique still shows a youthful and healthy.  This makes many people misunderstand that the person in the picture is just a young man.

The photo of BTS J-Hope’s dad made Knets crazy

Fans pointed out that J-Hope looks like his father, to the point that even Adam’s apple is exactly the same.

  • “I can’t believe I can feel the same J-Hope vibe from his dad just by looking at his forehead”
  • “This is so fascinating. He has the same hairline, the same body type. I think J-Hope’s dad looked exactly like J-Hope when he was young”
  • “He’s also a teacher”
  • “J-Hope’s sister looks like him too”
  • “He must have taken care of himself so well, he looks so young.”
The photo of BTS J-Hope’s dad made Knets crazy

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