Still chic despite holding a black vinyl bag? The “Jennie Magic” that miraculously changes the atmosphere no matter what she does

BLACKPINK Jennie managed to look chic even while holding a black garbage bag

On September 19th, beauty brand Tamburins, which BLACKPINK Jennie models for, released a teaser video for their upcoming perfume campaign on their official Instagram account.


In the teaser video, which was released under the title of “SOLACE: A Handful of Comfort”, Jennie easily drew eyes with her dreamy visuals and acting. The 20-second video, which includes a scene of Jennie gazing at an object while crouching down, exuded a mysterious atmosphere filled with beautiful colors and dream sound. The teaser also showed Jennie holding a large plastic bag from the back in its last second, a scene which couldn’t get any cooler. 


Seeing such a classy appearance, netizens can’t help but question how come Jennie can make a plastic bag look fashionable.

On the other hand, BLACKPINK, to which Jennie belongs, has confirmed their appearance on the American ABC talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, as part of their promotion for BLACKPINK’s second full-length album “BORN PINK”.


According to YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK will perform the title song “Shut Down” from this album on their episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, which will be broadcast at 12:35 pm (Korean time) on September 20th.

Source: Daum

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