EXO is so famous in China they have a whole copycat group, even copied members’ names

A member of ESO, the Chinese copycat group of EXO, changed his stage name and even thanked EXO fans for attention

Recently, Luha, a member of ESO (copycat group of EXO), has officially changed his name. In particular, Luha shared in a recently published video that after graduating, he has done a lot of manual labor to earn money and escape poverty. He then noticed that some people compare his visuals to former EXO member Luhan, and decided to mimic the famous idol-actor to change his life. 

Luha then thanked fans of Luhan for helping him get popular, apologized to them, and revealed that he’s changing his stage name from “Luha” (which resembles Luhan) to his real name. 

However, netizens believed that Luha’s apology was insincere and quickly buried him in criticism. As other members of ESO, who took stage names similar to EXO Lay and Wang Yibo, have also changed names, netizens suspected that such a move was made only to avoid lawsuits. 

eso luha

Previously, ESO was hated by various people for “buying” hot searches based on various famous stars and trying to get clout from such action. 

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • [6.6k likes] How is this reaching No.1 on Hot Search? Did Luha bribed Sina?
  • [4.1k likes] I almost puked at this fake apology
  • [4k likes] Everyone has to work hard, not everyone resorts to being copycats of others. Can we stop seeing this guy’s face already?
  • [8k likes] Personally if he use this real name from the beginning, it’s acceptable even if he tries to mimic Luhan
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