Song Joong-ki’s side, “Dating rumor with Kim Tae-ri is not true”

Actor Song Joong-ki (32 years old) denied rumors of him dating actress Kim Tae-ri (32 years old).

In a telephone interview with My Daily on the morning of October 29th, Song Joong-ki’s agency High Zium Studio refuted the rumor of a romantic relationship between their actor and actress Kim Tae-ri that spread from Youtube, saying “It’s not true at all”.

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Earlier, a video titled “Song Joong-ki♥Kim Tae-ri’s picture taken overseas… Rumors of a romance with pink mood broke out” was uploaded on Youtube on October 24th and spread rapidly among netizens.

Even when it was confirmed to be “fake news”, the video continued to gain attention and exceeded 540,000 views within five days. What’s more absurd is the dating proof photo showing a man and a woman said to be Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri turned out to be a paparazzi cut of Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin’s Paris date.

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Song Joong-ki, who is filming for the movie “Hwaran”, recently posted a photo of the phrase “No dating on the set!” on his SNS account and indirectly sent a warning to those who raised rumors. As such fake news continued to spread, the actor’s agency eventually announced its official position.

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