EXO and BTS will have a collaboration according to a fortune teller?

If the prediction is true then this collaboration will be the most anticipated stage during the end of 2018.

On Twitter, an account named KPOP PREDICTIONS (@kpopredictions_) suddenly became famous due to its ability to prophesy accurately to 90% of the events that took place in showbiz Korea recently.


Recently, KPOP PREDICTIONS tweeted “EXO x BTS” without saying anything else, predicting that EXO and BTS will have a collaboration in the future. Fans are excited and looking forward to this as the two groups both have the biggest fanbase in K-Pop. Since EXO and BTS are always up against each other in music charts, netizens hope to see wonderful collaboration stages from two groups at year-end award ceremonies.

“I don’t get why people don’t want this to happen, it’s going to be amazing, two talented groups collabing, what’s wrong with that? Someone please tell me if you don’t agree with it, why don’t you want this to happen?”

“Tbh it’s not all about ending fanwars. So for the people that want to keep bringing that up to put down fans that are excited(if it were to happen), just be quiet if you don’t want it to happen. Let multis be happy, we don’t really get all that many collabs between our faves”

“because this can increase fanwars and uhh we can just let move on the past like??? the fandom of the other trended a lots of hateful and malicious tags? errrrr so no”

“The only way fanwars are gonna end if y’all stop acting like damn children. If you don’t like BTS cool okay. If you don’t like EXO cool okay. Everyone has the right to their opinion but it isn’t cool to constantly shit in groups and fans of said groups. Grow up y’all. It’s 2018”

However, this account’s predictions came out wrong many times. After all, the prophecies are from some of the absurd assumptions. These predictions are for entertainment purposes only and let’s just hope for the best!

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