EXID Hani, “The members are like family… I feel like a husband”

EXID member Hani confessed that the members were like husbands to her. 

Famous girl group EXID (Solji, Elly, Hani, Hyelin, and Jeonghwa), who recently released their 10th anniversary album ‘X’, recently appeared on the October 14th episode of MBC FM4U’s “Noon’s Hope Song, Kim Shin Young”.

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On this day, DJ Kim Shin Young and EXID members conducted a speed quiz. When asked, “What is EXID for me?” Hani replied, “Family.”

Hani explained, “I’m not married yet, but I feel like a husband in a family. Solji is like a warm husband, and Jeonghwa is like a husband who listens to me well.”

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Hani also compared the rest of the members to husbands, saying, “Hyelin is a really good cook. And she’s full of energy, so she’s a husband who will give you a lot of experience. Elly is a funny husband. She is particularly sensible and can relieve tension well.”

Meanwhile, Kim Shin Young asked Solji to pick between EXID’s new song and her new OST project “I believed it was love”, to which she selected the former and made everyone laugh by honestly explaining, “I chose our song because it came out as ‘Fire’’ today.”


Solji’s “I believed it was love” is a song that expresses the sad feelings of one person who remains after their specific other, who they felt would always be by their side, eventually changed.

On the other hand, the title song “Fire” of EXID’s commemorative album ‘X’, which was released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the girl group’s debut, is a hip-hop song that adds an afro beat to the trap genre. The song features an addictive lead sound and a light beat, and EXID’s unique energy can be felt through it.

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