Entertainment stocks are going strong: Cube’s stock up 7%, FNC and Dear U’s 3%, SM and JYP’s 2%

cube ent

On Jan 7th, Cube Entertainment shares closed at 22,550 won, up 7.38% (1550 won) from the previous day.

Shares of FNC Entertainment, Dear U, and SM Entertainment rose 3.66% (280 won), 3.48% (2300 won), and 2.91% (1800 won) to 7,930, 68,400 won, and 63,700 won respectively.

sm entertainment

Shares of JYP Entertainment, SM C & C, and HYBE closed at 45,750 won, 4,120, and 302,500 won, up 2.01% (900 won), 1.48% (60 won), and 1.34% (4,000 won) respectively.

Shares of YG Entertainment rose 0.39% (200 won) to 51,800 won.

Shares of BTS (BTS)-related companies also rose a lot.

yg ent

Keyeast shares jumped 5.26% (650 won) to 13,000 won. Keyeast is operating the Japanese fan club of BTS through its Japanese subsidiary SMC.

Shares of Chorokbaem Media rose 1.97% (55 won) to 2,840 won. This media company is in charge of producing BTS’s drama series.


Sonogong‘s stock price rose 1.85% (45 won) to 2,480 won. Sonokong is in charge of distributing BTS dolls.

Netmarble shares rose 0.44% (500 won) to 113,000 won. Netmarble is the second-largest shareholder of HYBE and distributes BTS-related mobile games.

cj enm

On the other hand, CJ ENM shares fell 2.03% (2800 won). CJ ENM holds a 52% stake in Belift Lab which is a joint venture with HYBE.

The stock price of Stick Investment stays at 13,300 won, the same as the previous day. Stick Investment also has its stakes in HYBE.

Shares of content-related companies are on the rise as well.


NEW’s shares jumped 9.03% (1,250 won) and J Contentree’s shares jumped 5.98% (3400 won) to 15,100 won and 63,300 won.

Dexter‘s stock price rose 1.44% (300 won) and CJ CGV‘s stock price rose 0.83% (200 won) to 26,600 won to 24,400 won.

WSWG Studio shares rose 0.42% (150 won) and Studio Dragon shares rose 0.23% (200 won) to 35,500 won and 87,900 won.


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