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Han Hyo Joo showed envy towards SNSD Sooyoung: “Your chick breast is bigger than mine” (Omniscient Interfering View)

Famous actress Han Hyo Joo, who showed up on “Omniscient Interfering View”, gets emotional over a diet

On the September 3rd broadcast of MBC entertainment program “Omniscient Interfering View”, actress Jin Seo Yeon and Han Hyo Joo were shown working out passionately. 

During the same broadcast, director Yang Chi Seung made tteokbokki for dinner after exercising. Han Hyo Joo, who saw this, was astonished, asking, “Can I eat this? I’m serious”, while looking at Yang Chi Seung’s pot, which is full of tteokbokki with garlic rice cake, fish cake, and red pepper paste.

Yang Chi Seung then only scoop out two bowls for himself and Jin Seo Yeon, to which Choi Soo Young asked: “Why don’t you scoop me a bowl too?” Hearing this, Yang Chi Seung pointed to the chicken breast, saying: “Your portion is over there.”

Han Hyo Joo was about a week away from filming for the movie “Believer 2”, while Choi Sooyoung had a performance with SNSD, so they had no choice but to eat chicken breast. 

Han Hyo Joo, who faced the chicken breast, then expressed her envy towards Sooyoung, saying: “Yours seems bigger than mine”. Seeing this, Lee Young Ja agreed while laughing: “Even Han Hyo Joo, the world’s best, collapses in front of a diet.”

Han Hyo Joo then looked at Yang Chi Seung before secretly eating chicken breast with tteokbokki sauce while making a funny appearance. At this, Yang Chi eung advised, “It’s all for your management.

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